Digital Safety + Privacy

Digital transformation is changing experiences in fundamental ways. New services are generating and utilising a significant amount of data. As customers use new services and experiences, there are fundamental steps they can take to ensure their information and data is safe.

How to create a Family Account We purchase applications, services and store information on these devices. Using a Password Manager Using a password manager helps in securing your online accounts in many ways. Find out how to use them. Using Multi-Factor Authentication – Securing Accounts Good strong password is the starting point for each service. Using a VPN Service Public wifi whilst useful can also be hazardous because of its shared nature. Plus increasingly there are concerns about inapproriate tracking by the adtech industry. There are many additional steps to ensure issues like fingerprinting of your browsing activity does not take place. But perhaps the second one is to have a fairly reliable paid […] Using Find My and other services Families are beginning to use services to keep updated about member’s location and devices. Apple’s Find My is an integrated services that helps keep track of all the people in a family and their locations. It also tracks devices such as phones, computers, watches and more. Using this service requires you to be connected to […] Enable Content Restrictions on your devices Delivering age appropriate content, applications, music and books is an important and should not be ignored in configurations. Luckily it does not take very long to enforce the policy. Android and Google Assistant – You can follow the steps mentioned here. If also includes information for those using Family Link. Windows 10 – You are […] Protecting Information Photos The photos you share online might have additional information that may be harvested by third party services. Some of these include your location, the time it was clicked and much more. It is called EXIF data. You can read more about this on Adobe’s site. Some suggestions to help you decide whether to post […]