Conversations on Digital Platforms

A digital first world is emerging rapidly. The way we converse, engage with friends, colleagues and business partners is increasingly led by digital platforms. Social media platforms, messaging groups on one’s phone, virtual communities, real time gaming worlds and also video platforms have transformed our conversations. Should we be on all the platforms, what are the best ways to engage with your customers and what are the skills required to make the most of these digital opportunities. This course will provide you with an overview of most of the platforms, answer your questions and take you forward!


The premiere platform for business conversations. Simple instructions with easy quick steps to get you started.


Introduction Overview of the programme. You can choose to move to any section, at your pace.

Your Profile

Comments and Engagement


Groups and Pages

Finding and building communities.


Choosing Groups Finding and building communities.

Connecting with people



So many questions about this mysterious thing and improving engagement. Let’s simplify it a bit.


Overview Choosing the topics well. Builds on the above and how many to choose. Why it matters in building engagement.


Your Blog

Private Mobile Communities


Understand the various platform choices you have within this platform.


Overview The main Facebook stream functionally works almost in a similar manner to Linkedin.